Under Contruction



Hi there,


As you have probally guessed by now this is my first, humble, attempt to create a personal homepage.

It was created using litle to none HTML knowledge using Microsoft Frontpage....

so as a result this page doesn't seem to be Netscape compatible, sorry about that =(


That doesn't mean however that nothing usefull can be found here, there's only not much personal text and layout for now. Over time I will add more personnal text, some interresting links, maybe some more pages  and definitly a better layout, at least a more browser independent one. So do come back, but first I really need some more practice so be patient =)


To the left you find some very interresting links, aspecially for all you Chello broadband users out there and for people interrested in cable internet in the Netherlands:


  • Netsaint is a very complete opensource network monitoring package for Linux with a nice web interface. Here you can testdrive it running on this machine ,get a good impression on how it works and what to do with it and above all see how bad my ISP, Chello Netherlands, is doing.....  You can login with user test and password 321

  • Ipac is a nice tool for Linux wich can keep track on excactly how much internet traffic you create and can generate nice web graphics wich show your averige download and upload speed over time. This one is for personal use only  though, so if you want to see it in action and have Linux running you better go to http://www.freshmeat.net.

  • Dnews is a very good news server for both Unix and Windows. This is its webinterface and allows you to take a look at my ISP's newsgroups (chello.nl) and many others  Login with sameold user test and password 321 and enjoy. Because there are many local groups, posting is only allowed from my local machines for now. If you're a chello custommer however you can always send me a mail from your chello account and I'll give you full access. 

  • Acmemail is a webmail application written in Perl. This one is again for personal use only. Go to http://www.astray.com/acmemail/ for more  information

  • Setiathome, well if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then go to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/, I really don't feel like explaning it at least not for now, to much English ;-)   Here you can find a webbased monitor for seti running at this computer, sloooooow =))


That's all for now folks, send comments, tips etc to:  




© JB 2000