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This is my personal page hosted on my Redhat Linux server located in the Netherlands, Leeuwarden.

Klik op de Nederlandse vlag voor de Nederlandstalige versie van deze site.

The main reason for creating it was to have a common gateway to the various web based applications I already installed on this server, for personal and (partial) public use. It is not at all a finished page however. I'll probably update and change the pages and add things to them really often since this page is only up and running for a short while now. Don't be surprised if this page totally changes over night or even with just a refresh ;-) .

This doesn't mean however that you're looking at yet another useless 'someday this will be working' page. As a matter of fact everything should be working fine and especially the Tools section should be very useful, at least it is for me. There's only not much personal text for now. Over time I will add more personal text, some more interesting links, more sections and perhaps some more interesting tools.

At the moment you are at the main section of this site, where you can find some info about the site itself and download most of the web tools and associated programs shown at the Tools section.

New Wdict, a webinterface to dict, the open dictionary database client/server. Use it to find the definition or translation of words in a bunch of languages. Ofcourse English and especialy Dutch are well covered, but I also installed various general purpose dictionaries like some for technical/internet terms. Currently a total of 66 different dictionaries are installed on my local dict server.

Can't receive or send e-mail from or to a certain domain? Use RBL Check, a script to lookup an ip or hostname on a large number of blocklists. Most of these lists are used to reject known bulk e-mail (Spam) sources and open mail relays on mail servers.

At the Tools section you can find some very interesting links, especially for all you Chello broadband users out there and for people interested in cable Internet in the Netherlands. Here you can use a lot of the web based tools that run on my Redhat box. They include a news-to-web interface, an e-mail client, various network related tools and more. Click on the Tools button above to go there.

And if you take security seriously: Sara (The Security Auditor's Research Assistant), scan your host with this third generation Unix-based security analysis tool. Sara is based on SATAN.

At the Info section you can find technical info.

The last section is as the title says for personal use only , I use this to access some tools only interesting to me or persons with evil plans for this server....this section only works locally from an internal IP-address though so just forget about it, pretend it isn't there or whatever suits you best :-p .

That's all for now folks, you can always send me comments, tips, etc.:


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