At the moment here you can find some of the tools and scripts used at this site for download. For faster downloads I use a remote web server for all files, but if things go wrong you can always use the local backup.

I personally use all these packages on a Redhat Linux server, but they should run on other distributions or unix flavors too. If you have extended your Windows based web server with Perl or PHP, you can use most of the scripts too.

All packages should contain the latest version of these applications, latest update: 23 August 2002

Should you find broken links or outdated packages, don't hesitate to drop me a mail:




Bing (1.1.3), estimate bandwidth between two hosts backup

Birdcast, let viewers recommend your site backup ( )

Bookmarker (2.8.0), web based bookmark organizer backup

Dailystats (3.0), generate daily statistics of your web server logs backup ( )

Downtime (3.1.4), script to log downtime backup

Errorbot, web server 404-error replacement backup ( )

Form, web based e-mailer backup ( )

Ipac(1.10), measure total bandwidth use backup

Linemonitor, eboa linemon backup

MRTG (2.9.22), network performance monitor backup

MRTG-Ping-Probe (2.1.0), ping plugin for MRTG backup


Netsaint (0.0.7), network monitor backup

Netsaint MRTG (2.2), Netsaint MRTG plugin backup

Netsaint plugins (1.2.9-4) backup

Overlib (3.50), java script to display popups backup ( )

Remoteaddr.cgi, script to display visitors IP's backup

Sara (5.4.0), security scanner

Schlabo's Download script (2.0) backup ( )

Search (3.30), searchengine for your site backup ( )

Setiathome (3.03-i386-pc-linux-gnu-gnulibc2.1) backup

Webmon (2.0), ping script with MRTG plugin backup

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JB 2000

Apache webserver Animfactory Apache mod_perl

Modssl, SSL for Apache webserver

PHP, high level scripting language
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