So you want to know a little bit more about this site and its creator.

The Site


This site was created with little HTML knowledge using Microsoft Front-page, Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev (mostly with Dreamweaver though, because it really kicks ass and Front-page really doesn't :) ...) and GNU Emacs of course!! I used Top Style Pro 2 for the CSS.


For the graphics I used Adobe Photoshop (+plugins), JASC Paintshop Pro (+plugins),Ulead Gif Animator, Ulead Cool3d and Macromedia Flash 5 again without to much in-depth knowledge of these programs itself. I also used various tips about HTML, some java scripts, various other perl and shell scripts and some publicly available logos and animated graphics I found on the web.


The result appears to be compatible with most popular browsers and is tested to work with Netscape 6.0 , Internet Explorer 5.5 and Opera 5.0. So the site is best viewed with your eyes, but a resolution of 800 by 600 or higher might help (1024 by 768 truecolor is optimal).......


The layout and content of the site have been altered heavily since its creation date and probably will change again in the near future as mentioned on the main page. One thing hasn't changed however: the page has been and will be a common gateway to the various web tools I use on my Redhat server. I will probably add some more text and perhaps some tutorials etc. over time though to keep things a bit more interesting and put up a more readable and mature site.



The Servers


Most of this is hosted on just a Pentium 166 with 80MB running Redhat Linux 6.2, The main function of this server is to serve as a gateway to the Internet for my other PC's. Dnews and MRTG are running on a second server, a Pentium 200 with 92MB running Redhat Linux 7.1, which also serves as a proxy server. And finally the VisualRoute server is running on a third server, a dual PentiumIII 450 with 704MB running Redhat 7.3.


The page itself is running on a Apache web server (1.3.26) with some modules.

Besides this most tools found on the page are applications itself which also depend on various other applications and libraries.


To keep things fast most graphics are hosted at various free homepage providers and of course at the homepage account my provider has set up for me. If this isn't working out for you, especially if you're not from the netherlands, do let me know!!



The Creator



I really dislike pages telling you who made them, what they do in their time off and what pets they happen to own......I mean apart from their friends and loved ones who really cares??


Not that I'm not interested in other people, they only need to have something more to say then just the above ..... at least I need a reason to be interested in their personal info other then that it's simply there!!


Apart from this it might be nice to put up some personal info for the interested reader, so here we go:


I'm Jeroen, 33 years old and live in the beautiful city Leeuwarden.

I was also born in this city, in November 1977 to be precise.

So that makes me scorpion77 and yet another domain was born :))


As you have probably guessed by know I have spend a lot of time on computers/the internet.

In fact I plan to make it a living and already have some experience in that direction.

But one can't be serious all of the time, so there's a lot of fun surfing and gaming also!!


I do have many other fields of interest like listening to good music, watching movies, spending my hard earned money or whatever I feel like doing this week. I don't have hobby's though, since I like to do whatever I feel like and don't like to waste time on well defined activities ;-).


Of course there is much more to tell about myself, but perhaps it's nicer to leave that up to your imagination .... at least it is for me and my typing skills ;-).


You can always contact me, ask question or send a comment.

Just send an e-mail to:












© JB 2000


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